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A major part of the exterior of the home was the rebuilding of the 4 chimneys. Here are a few pictures of the progress:

 sm45          sm47              

sm71         sm88


Not only have we tried to preserve the majority of the brick from the chimneys of the home, but we are preserving as much as the siding as possible:

sm123   sm73    sm105

sm78   sm79   sm80

sm81   sm83



A beautiful assest of the home is the majestic front entry way porch, the columns have been refinished and the porch is in the process of being completed:


 sm4    sm5  sm6



 sm7   sm8   sm63

sm64    sm65


The Room Addition to The Back of The Home

sm67 sm72  




 The Home has beautiful fireplaces in all of the main rooms of the home here's a sneak peak of the progress:

sm37   sm100     sm101