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The Dixon family purchased the home on February 14, 2014 for $150,000.00. The Dixon's will count on contractor Alfred Wilson and architect Jon Palmer to guide the restoration. The couple aslo want to accomplish as much of the project this year, because NC historic preservation tax credits available for this property are scheduled to sunset January 1, 2015. The project will quailfy for residental tax credits of 30 percent. Glenn Dixon said the couple would not have considered buying the house without the tax incentive.  The estimated restoration cost will be $750,00.00. Below are the current floor plans the Dixon's wish to complete.

       floor plan bottom  floor plan top

A very important detail the Dixon family is preserving is the Blackmer's piano that dates back to the 1930's it was burned in the 1984 fire. Kluttz Piano is restoring for the Dixon's.


In the Beginning...                                                        


front entraance 

1820 tounge wall 

1820 beam 






sm41     sm43




sm45      sm50 




sm72     sm80






sm88      sm90




sm94     sm97






sm123                      sm124

Decatur Wall Paper

Prussian blue wallpaper in the parlor commemorates the life of Commodore Stephen Decatur, Jr. It features a bust of Decatur (with a high Navy collar) on a broken column ( symbol of a life cut short) with Decatur's name visible on the base of the column. To the left, there are two ships in battle, acknowledging his service in the Navy. Standing next to the column, we see Columbia, the female personification of the United States, holding a feather and laurel wreath. An eagle rest on the column, symbolizing the United States. Above the eagle lies Columbia's shield surrounded by a crest of flags and weapons, represting Decatur's victorious service to his country. The pattern is unknown to several leading experts on histroic wallpaper.






sm128                 sm131 


sm135                  sm138


sm141                  sm145





sm150                 sm153  




sm156                      sm157





sm161                     sm166 


                     3rd floor attic space 




Grimes Mill Timber will be used in restoration

grimes mill